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The Role That Your Garage Door Spring Plays

Your garage door is unarguably one of the heaviest equipment that you use on a regular basis. Apart from being bulky, the device also consists of sharp, moving steel parts that can cause significant damage to life and property if the garage door falls. It is, therefore, imperative for manufacturers to ensure that the device moves the way it should whenever you operate it.

To achieve the objective providers equip garage doors with garage door springs. The device counterbalances the weight of your garage door and helps it in moving while it is closing or opening.

Once the garage door spring gets old, it won’t be effective. Moreover regular wear and tear can cause significant damage, and you may face significant inconveniences while operating the garage door. Further, using faulty garage door springs can also expose you to safety and security issues, and you should not ignore the problem at any cost.

We at Garage Door Repair, Ballwin, MO can help you meet these challenges. We maintain an in-house team of professionals and can help you with torsion spring replacement, extension spring replacement, roller replacement and other tasks.

We also supply heavy duty springs for garage doors and torsion spring replacement for garage doors and will help you get rid of your broken extension springs and broken torsion springs in a safe and secure environment.

We provide a lifetime warranty on garage door springs and you can contact us anytime should you experience any issues with the functioning of these devices. Prompt resolution is the key to effective troubleshooting, and we advise you to give us a call immediately.

Doing so avoids wastage of time and also ensures timely diagnosis. Further, our experts will also provide prompt services to ensure to contain the problem at an earlier stage. Our technicians can handle malfunctioning garage door torsion springs as well as extension springs.

Apart from offering replacement and repair services, we also execute maintenance tasks. You can, therefore, contact us in case your garage door is not moving properly or if you suspect that the garage door springs are about to break down. We advise you against replacing garage door springs on your own due to the complexities and risk factors that underline the job.

We provide all these and other services at affordable rates and shopping with us will help you in realizing sizeable savings on repair costs on garage door torsion springs. Most importantly, we’ll never ignore safety guidelines and will assist you in getting a safe and affordable solution to the issues that you’re experiencing.

Contact us to get an answer to the question what to do if garage door spring breaks.

Our Strength-The Service Team

We conduct a comprehensive background check of our employees to ensure that they have experience and expertise of serving customers. We only employ adept technicians and also train them to sharpen their skills.

These professionals manage number of cases on a regular basis and will execute the task in a sequential and orderly manner to make sure that you get an effective, safe and swift solution. We advise you against handling your malfunctioning garage door springs.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to troubleshoot garage door springs. Whenever you experience any issue, vacate the garage area, give us a call and avoid using the garage door till our team arrives.

Our experts will conduct various tests to ascertain the efficacy of the garage door springs and will apprise you of the situation and the remedial measures. Once they get your approval, they’ll start working according to the action plan and will ensure that you’re able to use the garage door as soon as possible.

Our experts are adept at troubleshooting garage door springs of different makes and models and will always have a solution to your problems irrespective of their nature.

We Provide Reliable Services

We operate 24 hours a day and are available at your disposal even during wee hours of the morning or in the death of the night. We employ an in-house team of customer care representatives that will be your first point of contact should you decide to avail our services. These professionals will assist you by taking down your requirements and passing on the same to the technical team.

Next, the expert team will report to your location within an hour and will provide a solution on the same day itself. Apart from troubleshooting malfunctioning/broken garage door springs, we also replace broken rollers, safety cables, hinges, panel and other parts.

Repair and maintenance jobs are the most important services that homeowners need on a regular basis, and we firmly believe that our customers should not compromise on the quality of garage door springs or other equipment that they choose to use. To ensure this, we price all our deliverables at affordable rates and even come up with attractive discounts and offers to help our customers realize sizeable savings.

Call us Today

We’re just a phone call away. Our customer care representatives are available 24 hours a day and will assist you in registering your service requirement. You can also request for an appointment according to your convenience in case you’ve a busy schedule.

We’ll also help you get rid of the waste products before leaving your worksite.

Just give us a call and leave all your concerns behind and to know more about the warranty on garage door springs that we provide.